Usa dating customs

However, many misunderstandings happen because of non-verbal communication, or body language. Some people will be uncomfortable if you do not touch them during a conversation. Most people in the US believe that the ideal person is independent and self-reliant, and most people think of themselves this way.

People in the US do not think of themselves as representatives of their families, communities, or social class.

People have different groups of friends: "work friends," "school friends," "family friends," etc.

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Most people in the United States believe in God, and the majority of people are Christians.

At social gatherings people readily welcome new people, and the warmth expressed is genuine and sincere but confined to that occasion and may not always continue.

Close friendships do develop as a result of repeated interactions and shared interest between individuals.

We hope that these key values will help you understand American culture and develop a reasonably accurate set of ideas with which you can interpret the behavior of people you meet.

Your willingness to understand a new culture and to adjust to the cultural differences will greatly contribute to your smooth and sufficient adaptation to the new environment. Some of their questions may appear ridiculous, uninformed and elementary, but try to be patient in answering them.

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