Validating content from xml files

I was hoping this would be a simple task, but appararently I'm missing something. ESB file ( if it doesn't, I get error that it can't find the file, so I know its finding it).

All I want to do is read a JMS message ( payload is XML data ) from in bound queue ( which is working ) andif it passes my validation rules, then print it to the console. The validate0imports two other files validate1and validate2 If I take these same files are drop them into a Mule ESB and WESB configuration, they work fine.

For example, a date value converted to text won't work as intended in the YEAR function until you convert it to the Date data type.

So, if I have the following New File.xml: In JBoss Developer 4.0 and above (Eclipse-based), this is a tad easier.

Just right-click on your file or folder that contains xml-based files, choose "Exclude Validation", then click "Yes" to confirm.

Then create an XML schema file and edit the XML data file so that the XML data file refers to the schema.

For more information, see Map XML elements to cells in an XML Map.

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