Validating reasoning

For example, assessment tasks that engage students in applying the three-dimensional learning (described in Chapter 2) could possibly yield information about how students use or apply specific practices, crosscutting concepts, disciplinary core ideas, or combinations of these.

If the intended constructs are clearly specified, the design of a specific task and its scoring rubric can support clear inferences about students’ capabilities.

The design of valid and reliable science assessments hinges on multiple elements that include but are not restricted to what is articulated in disciplinary frameworks and standards (National Research Council, 2001; Mislevy and Haertel, 2006).

For example, in the design of assessment items and tasks related to the NGSS performance expectations, one needs to consider (1) the kinds of conceptual models and evidence that are expected of students; (2) grade-level-appropriate contexts for assessing the performance expectations; (3) essential and optional task design features (e.g., computer-based simulations, computer-based animations, paper-pencil writing and drawing) for eliciting students’ ideas about the performance expectation; and (4) the types of evidence that will reveal levels of students’ understandings and skills.

He/she is likely to be good at structuring problems, situations and facts in order to conceive a solution.The key competencies which can be measured with the help of the test are: Logical Reasoning - whether a candidate is able to identify patterns in the given data to take business decisions and Analytical Reasoning - whether the candidate is able to logically structure the given problem to arrive at a conclusion and evaluate different alternatives.Use this test for: Recruiters and organizations can use this test to hire fresher candidates, from across educational background, for various executive level functional roles, team lead and managerial profiles.He/she is likely to have a strong thinking and understanding process.Mettl Reasoning Skills Assessmenthas been designed to assess the lateral thinking skills and whether the candidate is able to provide solutions to any given problem efficiently.

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