Who is morgan man dating in 2016

have been single during its run at some point or another and most of them haven't been shy about enjoying the dating scene.Sonja Morgan often ends up getting cast as the resident party girl though she's always been free to admit that she enjoys dating and going out. The Tom situation isn't the first time Sonja has been involved with someone connected to one of the other women on the show.It seems like Sonja isn't as upset about their relationship ending as she is about how Tom is handling it.Sonja shared her past with Tom right away so that Luann wouldn't be blindsided by it later, like how Sonja herself was caught off guard by Luann and Tom getting together.However, Morgan was eventually recaptured and only to have their memory erased once more.

Still, Sonja has made some changes to her dating life going forward.

They put on their Tran Star uniform and are taken to to the Tran Star building by helicopter.

They meet their brother and partake in a series of tests until a Mimic takes the form of Dr.

They learn that they are on a space station, Talos I, which is owned by Tran Star.

January makes contact with Morgan and leads them back to their office, and to more neuromods, where a video explaining part of the situation plays, before being abruptly cut off by their brother Alex Yu. Calvino's office to restore the connection to the Looking Glass servers which Alex had cut them off from.

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