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He rises from his seat, cocks a hip and runs off the designers.

The pants—“slim in the hip, front pockets, slightly flared”—are Gucci; also Gucci, the loafers and white tie; the shirt is Anna Sui. Even though he is nearly an hour late for dinner, the 30-year-old Weiland claims that he hasn’t eaten a real meal in a week.

The recording process for this record, I believe, was actually drug-free and allowed Scott to reference artists he was truly influenced by: Brian Eno, David Bowie, T Rex.

He was full of inspiration talking about the making of the record. Sadly, Scott’s fears, anxieties and demons needed quelling and he started using again.

In "Fall to Pieces: A Memoir of Drugs, Rock 'n' Roll, and Mental Illness," Mary writes that she and Weiland were using heroin and crack throughout much of their marriage, according to

It was such a serious problem for the couple that they had to wear long-sleeved shirts to a party hosted by Leonardo Di Caprio to cover up all the needle marks, says the site.

But she reveals the smoky fiery details in "Fall to Pieces," writing, "The bonfire was huge and very pretty.It’s a complete departure from Stone Temple Pilots, allowing Weiland to reinvent himself wholesale. John Lennon, unlike Bob Dylan, had no problem walking out of a Rolls Royce with a fox-fur coat on...”—Weiland does a leg lift and props his foot on a potted palm—“shoes similar to mine. “The real ones are real.” In the platinum days of Stone Temple Pilots—when Weiland was the frontman for one of the biggest selling bands in the world—he developed a taste for fine food. And for the rest of the meal in the four-star restaurant of a discreet and exclusive Beverly Hills hotel, the rock star and his entourage drink only apple juice.He has said (and no doubt will say again) that this record is him in his “White Album period” and that he wants to be seen as this generation’s David Bowie. is smart, catchy, glamorous, utterly fearless—everything STP were not. This may be hard to understand, but apparently Weiland was concerned about looking heavy for the camera. His weakness for caviar is a result of flying first-class on American. And while Talk Show have run a fairly anonymous course, Scott Weiland is just about to head into the spotlight again. These are tenuous times, and Weiland has wisely surrounded himself with a support system.How the album art would reflect an old Frank Sinatra record cover, and how he wanted to reference in the video. He definitely felt like he was putting it all out there with no safety net (ie, Robert, Dean and Eric), and longed for the numbing effect of the drugs. I don’t understand it, but I love it.” He then walked over to the fireplace in the room, sat on the floor in his bathrobe, pulled a marshmallow from a bag and started roasting it over the fire to make a S’more. Less than a year ago, SCOTT WEILAND was too busy staying “unsick” to concern himself with making great music. Fifteen minutes before the kitchen is scheduled to stop serving, Scott Weiland makes his entrance.We were at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills late one night after doing a week’s worth of early promotion for In a moment of clarity, Scott offered me a martini and said, “You know why I love that you’re my publicist? In reflection, this moment is the ultimate display of the duel Scott Weilands: the kid who just wanted to have that sweet and carefree youth and Scott Weiland, “the rock star.”You know heroin addicts love sugar, right? Now the Stone Temple Pilots singer has a clean start on a new career with a critically acclaimed solo album that explores some surprising terrain. He cuts an elegant swath through the dining room, trailing a thin line of Marlboro smoke; his is the only lit cigarette in the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel, where smoking is not allowed.

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