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He made the minister read it aloud: Sir: I take this opportunity to inform you that for reasons known to God and my own soul I wish no longer to be connected with the Methodist Society.

When I came to this place I thought I should enjoy myself among them but as I do not enjoy any Religion attall, I have not seen a well nor a happy day since I left Thompson campground.

Avery did not ask him to spend the night, and we can guess he would have declined. The deputy sheriff for Fall River was a young sleuth named Harvey Harnden.

Hicks and Harnden spent Saturday morning over the three remaining letters found in the bandbox, which led them to suspect Avery of murder.

Durfee tried to lift her with one hand, while loosing the cord with the other, but small as she was, her weight was too great for him. In a moment his father, with Bill Allen and Ben Negus, the farm hands, ran up from the darkness.

Allen cut the cord with his knife, and they laid the body on the ground.

That evening—December 24, 1832—Harndern, amid cheers and groans, presented the new verdict to a meeting in the Lyceum Hall at Fall River, promising that it should reach the two justices when their hearing opened two days later in Bristol.

Beneath it, one arm hung straight, and one was bent up to her breast, as if to ease the cord at her throat.

Was Parson Avery innocent of poor, pregnant Maria Cornell’s murder, as his fellow ministers maintained, or was a guilty hypocrite concealed by his cleric’s garb?

A glimpse at the legal process in 1833 New England About nine on the morning of Friday, December 21, 1832, John Durfee, a farmer of Tiverton, Rhode Island, was driving his team through his stackyard when he noticed something inside swaying against one of the five-foot stakes. Her knees hung six inches above the ground; her legs were bent backward, the toes balancing on the grass; her head lolled forward from a cord attached six inches below the top of the stake.

Someone ran into the village for Elihu Hicks, the coroner, and someone else to Fall River for a doctor. Picking a jury from the gathering crowd, he swore them in inside the stackyard. Wilbur examined it with the help of the female bystanders.

Then the body was carried to Durfee’s house under a horse blanket, with straw beneath the broken neck. Beneath the petticoat was the imprint of two hands.

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