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The fact is you need to be able to learn from a man or a woman's point of view so that you will know exactly what someone wants to hear you say when you're chatting with them.

Moreover, people have different personalities, so you also need to feel out your chat mates first before getting naughty with them.

At the time, I was told some pretty nasty lies about the Aqua by someone I thought was a friend.

(The same manipulative 'friend' who then declared his love for me!

While some would want to take it slow, others would also want to get to the point quickly – it really depends upon the situation.

by Red Oktober (London) There are some amazin women here who have helped me understand the Aqua Man in my life - THANK-YOU so much for taking the time to post. There are also some great Aquarius men who have taken the trouble to give us insights into their character and special way of thinking. Any Aquarius men willing to read and comment on this post would be very kind to do so, and it would be appreciated.

I met the Aqua again 1 yr ago, after a 10 year gap - the spark is there and stronger than ever, but he's married now. He let it slip that he had googled me a few times over the years, but i didn't admit that i'd done the same. Usual pattern is that he'll text to meet up, then we'll spend an evening and be extremely close & intimate, talk a lot, hug, kiss, cuddle and have the most amazing sex and cuddles all night and the next morning too! Neither of us feels like talking about emotional stuff, (in my case, i just don't care to ask anything, i just enjoy him so much).

so its world events, work stuff etc that we talk and debate about.

To keep your partner interested with you (and meet more partners in the process), you need to be creative with your language.

Many people are too inhibited at first and find it hard to flirt with strangers.

But as they say, practice makes perfect: the more you participate in free adult chat rooms, the more you'll learn how to "dirty talk" and become an expert.

This is also a chance for us all to get to know each other first! You will also have access to a seperate forum that only...

I just wanted everyone to know that the chatroom is not private.

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