Write a great dating profile

This comes not only from owning an over 30’s dating web site site but having used them previously and reading some terrible profiles.

A badly written profile or short, silly message will mean you don’t end up meeting as many other people as you potentially could.

We are all our own worst critics and there is someone out there for everybody.

I am living proof of a not particularly good looking guy who is in a happy relationship with a beautiful woman who I met online.

The first internet date I went on was with a lady who had put up a very nice picture that unfortunately was ten years out of date.

Not only did I not recognise her, it said something to me about her integrity that meant that we did not meet again.

OK it’s an exaggerated example but trust me on this and write in plain English.

The magazine, Marie Claire has an excellent set of tips to read.

A photograph of you with a bottle of beer and a cigarette, partying with your friends may bring back happy memories for you but may alienate as many people as it attracts.

A headline my members on this site have had tremendous success with is: “Have you ever been to XXX? ” They will click on your profile to find out what you’re talking about. You may have heard the phrase “The devil is in the detail.” With internet dating, the detail is what helps you find your dream man or woman.

” Replace the XXX with the location of your choice, as in “Have you ever been to the Box Tree? it’s a small and exclusive restaurant in Ilkley a pretty market town in North Yorkshire. Although this is a generalisation, what many women want, what they dream about is going on an adventure or an exciting journey with a charming and suitable man. Last week I visited friends in London and checked out Kew Gardens for the first time. One of my loves is music and we bought tickets for ‘Priscilla, Queen of the Desert’ which was fantastic fun.

Remember, that you only have two weapons at your disposal in your profile. The Photograph Truth is that you may choose not to put up a photo up at all initially and you will still get interest.

Don’t worry about not being the best looking person in the world.

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