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The pair played the perpetually on-off couple on the popular ‘90s show.That’s right, it’s been a total of 365 days since this blog was introduced to the world with the purpose of documenting movies from or about the 1980’s, without a doubt my favourite decade of all time.

Thiessen and Gosselaar reminisced about their time on ."My love of food kind of started a little bit with you, traveling through Europe like we did when we were teenagers," Thiessen told Gosselaar."It was a paid trip to Paris, and we'd just go to the finest restaurants," Gosselaar recalled."Do you remember when we went to Bordeaux?

So, whether you want me to be your blonde little cheerleader princess who wants nothing than to take you deep inside her or you want me to be your sexy scantily clad elven princess from the woodlands.

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