Youtube dating service commercial

The owner of the Obscure Horror Corner You Tube channel was reportedly sent this game from one of his subscribers who had found it on a deep web Tor page where users could post random files.

This "game" was labeled simply "ZK." After running a Malware check, Jamie the You Tuber started playing the game and recording the results.

Later, on the subway tracks, they smell the offending odor again and see the strange woman across the tracks who kills herself by jumping in front of the train, then staring down one of the men who has to crouch because of the overpowering smell.

This video is actually a segment from a 2008 Japanese found footage horror anthology movie called .

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There was a lady all skin and bone; Sure such a lady was never known: It happened upon a certain day, This lady went to the church to pray., is a special effects showcase of a very high skill level.Back in 2009, the consumer technology easily existed to make an ashy hand ghost jump scare You Tube video.This isn't the only segment that's broken out from the show and blown up on creepy You Tube; after the mini-ghost-story, watch the exploding sea creature and the capture of a human soul escaping the body.This video, uploaded by British water company United Utilities in April 2011, showed three clips of a maintenance robot running across some sort of creature in the sewers under the St. The internet population quickly began wondering if this was some sort of genetic experiment or just an escaped monkey before someone put together that it was April and United Utilities had a “What Not To Flush” campaign running to educate people about proper sewer usage.

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