Zac amanda crew dating

While David copes with a devastating family issue he can't get off his mind, he and James must decide how to move forward with their business.

Each episode follows a couple through the entire process of organising a wedding, but the twist is that the bride has absolutely no involvement, as she agrees to hand over all control of the wedding to the groom.

We meet more amazing individuals living with incurable conditions and this episode, an inspirational man with muscular dystrophy tells us how he lives life to the full.

Also, dentist Dr James sees a woman's teeth with the worst decay he has ever seen, Dr Pixie's at the laundrette with a group of students discussing the dos and don'ts of discharge, and Dr Dawn is in Thailand encouraging the lads to have a feel of her prosthetic balls.

Dr Christian is in Brighton, on hand to all those holidaymakers.

He meets a fella with bother below the belt and a woman with very different breasts.

Kyle's still upset with Dorit but chooses to ignore her own feelings for the sake of the trip.

Then, a man exaggerates descriptions of his situation after being accused of breaking in and vandalising an apartment he was turned down for.

More Info After a summer of fun in the sun, rose parties, love triangles, and new housemates, the cast comes together once again.

Back at the clinic, Dr Pixie sees a man with a problem so rare, no one in the past 20 years has been able to even tell him what it is, and a guy whose massive weight loss has left him with some unwanted baggage.

Dr Dawn helps a little girl who's having trouble in the toilet department, and Dr Christian meets and man with a pimple on his penis.

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